Friday, March 19, 2010


AKA: Potato head. AKA: Mr. drool-a-lot. AKA: Mr. Cutest. ;)

My little baby brother is getting so big! He is already 5 months old! It makes me kind of sad that he is growing up so fast.

He started smiling about 2-3 months ago. Now he will coo, laugh & smile at you. It is so cute! Mama has just recently started giving him cereal in his bottles and he drinks it up like there is no tomorrow! He is also learning how to roll over. We have to be careful now when we put him in his bumbo or bouncy seat..he will try to kick himself out of there! :)

He is so super sweet and loves to be held and get attention.
And..he LOVES watching T.V.! He will just sit there in his little walker in front of the T.V. and just stare and talk to it. It's the funniest thing!
Yep, he is defiantly 100% boy. :) if we can just find a way to keep him this little...

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Erin said...

He is sooo's amazing to me how much he looks like his big brothers. :)

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My first two blog awards.. thanks Sarah.E!

My first two blog awards.. thanks Sarah.E!